Of Rationalism, Reasoning & Skepticism -1

Posted: September 28, 2011 in Skepticism

Lately I’ve been having a lot of discussions on skepticism, rational thinking and logic. People ask me how can you be so skeptical about something which is quite evident and I only have one answer: it is evident form your vantage point but the way I see it there are lot questions which it does not answer, think rationally and you will also see same. Lets take astrology itself. It may look like a science and people get a phd. on it but it still doesn’t make any sense. No two person on this earth are same and yet people everyday get up and check their horoscope for the day, that gives if its true then every 12th person on this Earth is supposed to have exactly the same day as you are and that’s a really odd number isn’t it? You go out and meet hundreds of people everyday and if everything goes according to prediction you’ll end up meeting yourself number of times and that would really freak me out. Despite this simple fact of mere numbers people tend to believe in astrology.

When tell this to people they often have one question ‘ Why does it matter to you what they believe in’. Its a fair question as to why should I care what the world thinks. But again I live in the same world, and if one person starts thinking crazy then it’s not long before he gets up and make a group and slowly the whole world could end up being crazy. Things which are crazy or unusual but simple gets more easily absorbed by the people which is the reason why it was hard for people to accept that the Earth was not the center of solar system and eventually the universe. Sooner or later the truth of the fact comes out but it gets harder to accept the change once you are adopted to a belief. This is one reason why rational thinking is required before any conclusion is made, and skepticism is required to support that rationality…..

  1. Mudit Verma says:

    I can make out that you are being rational on this topic, but very well phrased.

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