The Truth

Posted: July 15, 2012 in Skepticism

This one had been on my mind for a while but came out on a recent discussion with some collegues. The point was how could one decide what is wrong and what is right. If X is right for you, then it could be wrong for someone else, in that case we are actaully left with no truth to follow, and eventually skepticism has no meaning at all. But we do forget that all are humans and each one looks at the things in more or less the same way. The only thing that changes the definition making it a truth or lie is our own mental state. Some people are brought in an environment to believe a simplest of thing as a miracle while questioning the obvious, while others have a tendency to find the source behind the information that is being presented may that be as trivial as sun rising from the east.

At this point I would like to share a video by Michael Shermer on how to identify the news as a truth or lie via Baloney Detection Kit. Its really good and leaves one with more clear view of the world.


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